Oneshots: Volume 1

Oneshots: Volume 1


From 2011-2015, Francis Preve released a series of oneshot collections for Live via his blog. Over the years, these packs have been downloaded by thousands of Ableton users. Now, that series of instruments has been collected into a single free pack for Live 9.7 and higher.

Featuring intuitive instrument racks, integrated effects, and swappable MIDI clips that demonstrate each synth, Oneshots Volume 1 is a taste of these classic synths via Symplesound’s critically acclaimed approach to sound libraries.

Oneshots: Volume 1 includes:

  • Prophet 12, Prophet 08, Minitaur, SubPhatty, SH101, MS20m, Bass Station II, Custom SEM/Doepfer modular, VL-Tone (drums), Mattel Synsonics (drums)
  • Flexible integrated effects
  • 6 royalty-free MIDI drum loops
  • 16 royalty-free MIDI sequences
  • 59 C3 oneshot samples
  • 13 drum samples
  • Integrated tutorials
  • Compatible with Live 9.7 and higher

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