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The Analog Collection

Vintage synth collectors often talk about the distinctive sound of their analog synths, and those distinctions are at the core of The Analog Collection. We captured the sonic identity of these synths and highlighted their most unique qualities. For hardcore synth fans, it's easy to distinguish the difference between a Moog bass and an SH-101 bass, so every instrument is designed to reflect the essence of its original source.

The Symplesound Analog Collection for Ableton Live features a wide assortment of legendary synthesizers – many vintage and no longer in production, like the Roland SH-101, Moog Little Phatty, and Doepfer Dark Energy Mk I.

More than just samples

Each library consists of 4 detailed analog instruments, 48 synth presets (24 with integrated effects), 4 versatile effects racks, 24 effects presets and 20 royalty-free MIDI loops that can be used directly with the collection – or even with other softsynths in your studio arsenal. 

All of the synths in the collection have been faithfully multisampled over a five-octave range at 24-bit resolution, so whether the sound is a classic bass patch or a retro lead, every instrument covers vast sonic territory across the entire keyboard.

What's more, while many of these synths were originally monophonic, the sampled instruments are polyphonic. Long sought-after Moog pads and SH-101 chord stabs are a reality in this new context. For the full story, check out our FAQ.


Every clip is a preset

Thanks to Symplesound’s innovative approach to product design, the Analog Collection makes extensive use of Ableton’s MIDI clip envelopes. These envelopes function both as musical inspiration and a clever way to audition every sound before adding it to your user library, saving precious space on your hard drive and keeping your preset collection uncluttered.

Simplifying things further, all projects also include an integrated help guide explaining every aspect of their features. There's even a Pro Tips section in the guide for inspired experimentation.


“The upshot of all of this is that you get a library you can rely on to faithfully reproduce all these instruments, but also one you can bend to new musical applications and designs."

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Push Compatible

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Full Push Compatibility

The Macros for each instrument are focused on maximum flexibility when used with Ableton Push. With a few quick adjustments, every instrument can easily be transformed into something else. For example, if you take a lead sound and shorten its Decay-Sustain parameter, you can instantly create a percussive sound. Another approach is to apply filtering and reverb to a bright pad instrument, converting it into an ethereal, ambient texture.

Our guiding principle for developing these products is to ensure that every instrument is versatile in its original version and easy to customize with Push, regardless of your experience level.