Analog Collection Vol. 1 - Loop Pack

Analog Collection Vol. 1 - Loop Pack


Hearing is believing. To demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Analog Collection, we’re offering a free pack of 30 royalty-free audio loops based on the MIDI clips included with each library. Since the loops are audio, you can’t directly customize the sounds or edit the notes, but we’re confident that once you hear the quality of the Analog Collection in your own tracks, you’ll understand what the buzz is about.

And because they're .WAV format, these loops will work with any DAW.

The Volume 1 Loop Pack includes loops from:

  • 101 - The Roland SH-101 Library
  • Phat - The Moog Little Phatty Library
  • DE1 - The Doepfer Dark Energy Library
  • SEM - The Oberheim SEM Library
  • P08 - The DSI Prophet 08 Library

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