The Analog Collection Arrives


At the NAMM 2016 event, we gave out a few beta copies of our new products to trusted friends (with names you’d probably recognize) and every single one said the same thing: “They sound incredible – and it’s amazing that no one else has already done this.”

So, after a year of development and lots of testing on different platforms, we’re proud to announce The Analog Collection. Consisting of five different libraries – each devoted to a specific vintage synth – The Analog Collection includes a combination of amenities no other product offers, like an array of royalty-free MIDI clips that contain embedded presets for each instrument, integrated manuals that explain each library (including screenshots, pro tips, and links explaining the history of every synth), and the ability to choose exactly which presets you add to your User Library. In addition, The Analog Collection’s effects presets are independent of the synths, so you can save the ones you like for use on other tracks – audio or MIDI.

Don't just take our word for it either. Check out the audio examples and hear them for yourself.

Best of all? We’re offering an introductory discount: 25% off until May 1, 2016.