Free Loops? YUS!

When we told our friends we’d be giving away a sizable number of audio loops from The Analog Collection, for free. A lot of them said, “WAT? You should sell them!”

That would be too easy.

Instead, we think audio loops are a great way for producers to actually use our products before purchasing them. So we’re giving away thirty .WAV loops taken directly from the Analog Collection. Everything’s neatly organized by synth and BPM – and with Ableton Live, you can simply drop them into an existing project or use them as inspiration for a new track (yes, these loops are royalty-free). Of course, if you want to adjust one of the presets or edit the notes, you’ll have to upgrade to the actual Analog Collection libraries. But unlike other .WAV loop packs, with Symplesound that’s now an affordable option.

So grab these loops and get a feel for the sound of real analog – then get started!

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