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The FM Collection

Yamaha’s legendary DX7 and TX81Z synthesizers dominated the sound of the 80s and 90s. From A-Ha to Michael and Janet Jackson’s biggest hits, FM’s precise-yet-organic character defined the era’s most enduring tracks. More recently, Ableton’s Operator brought the complex sound of FM to modern electronic artists like Daft Punk and Skrillex.

Following up our critically acclaimed Analog Collection and Purple Drums, we present The FM Collection: Three distinct Ableton projects that bring the history of Frequency Modulation synthesis to your Ableton arsenal. With a range that covers everything from vintage retrowave to future-focused dance music, the FM Collection’s flexible approach to FM allows for easy integration into all types of production.

Three Generations Of Sound

Our DX and 81Z libraries faithfully capture their most iconic sounds, via detailed multisampling that includes multiple velocity layers to recreate the subtle nuances of these instruments. Electric Piano, Marimba, Tubular Bells, and two of the most recognizable synth basses of both the 80s and 90s are all included. Timeless sounds with zero filler.

For more modern productions, the Operator pack includes 20 FM models that are optimized for bass, pad, lead and pluck textures, with macros that make FM a breeze to understand – even for beginners.

In addition to carefully crafted instruments, all libraries include an integrated manual that explains every feature in detail, along with the history of each original synth. There’s even a series of lessons and ProTips in the manual – perfect for diving deeper into your own designs.

More Than Just Presets

Every Symplesound product includes an array of royalty-free MIDI clips that include embedded preset and automation data, as well as sequences that are compatible with other synths in your existing rig. Each set of clips is a mini construction kit that you can edit directly or use as inspiration for a new track – and you can test drive them right now with our free FM Collection Loop Pack.


A tribute.

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